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Woodcraft Lures are high quality, hand injected lures originating from Independence, Wisconsin.  The lures are made from a premium medium plastic with a garlic scent added.  The soft, natural feel of the lure with the impregnated garlic scent will get the fish to hold on to the lure for a longer period assisting in a better hook-up ratio. Great action on all lures will draw that reactionary bite you are looking for, to get even the most finicky fish to bite.
All lures are hand injected in colors that you and the fish desire.  There is a variety of colors to choose from but if your desired color is not available, just type it in the "special request" box or feel free to contact Rich.  Special colors, including two-toned, and quantities can be special ordered.  Glitter is added to each lure which adds to getting that fish.
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